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Our blazing fast Web Hosting service is packaged with our SEO and Website Maintenance Plan Services.

If you are looking for Simple, Fast, Secure, and Convenient hosting that is included in your SEO and Website Maintenance subscriptions then this is for you.

Feature Rich Web Hosting

Many marketing agencies don’t touch your web hosting and prefer you deal with someone else. We understand that is super inconvenient and when it comes to paying monthly for services, less vedors the better.

That is why we include our fantastic web hosting service in our other services. When you sign up with Simple SEO to handle your website or SEO services, you don’t need to go somewhere else for managed hosting or do it yourself. We take care of EVERYTHING!

Because we like to keep things simple and our focus is SEO, fast, secure web hosting is vital to ensuring your customers have a great experience on your website. With SEO in mind, our hosting includes the following:




> Malware Protection

> Free Migrations

> Automated Daily Backups

> 1 Year Backup Retention (Mind blowing right! Most companies are 14-30 days!)

> Multiple PHP Versions

> 10G Storage (Options to increase and customize)

> Hands on support (we can handle pretty much anything)

> Canadian Based Servers (Keep your data secure in Canada)

Why we include such amazing hosting with our other services

We sometimes get asked this question and the answer is super simple 🙂

We include it because we believe in our process. When you register your domain and set up hosting with a shared hosting company (like bluehost, godaddy, and many other web hosts), your website is being served to your customers from whatever server they set you up on. Many times, those servers get to be overloaded and your website will crash with just a few visitors.

Do you think that is good for SEO? If you answered no, then you are abslutely correct. How is a user going to have a positive experience when your website is so slow and crashes when a few people use it? They can’t.

So, we decided we would offer hosting services to our customers where they won’t have those issues. Our hosting is scalable and can handle A LOT of people using your website without it crashing. This means good quality hosting and high performance servers are good for SEO. This is why we do it.

Why we don’t just host WordPress

Wait what!? Yup you read that right.

So many companies will only host WordPress but don’t offer a solution when you need solid hosting for something else such as a simple html and css landing page where WordPress is overkill.

Sometimes you as a business owner will need a flexible solution that works for your business. Simple SEO can make that happen.

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Our SEO Services are designed to grow with your business.

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SEO as Web Design

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps search engines to crawl and understand your website. It's the nitty gritty that often gets overlooked or is done poorly.

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