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Simple SEO

Simple SEO is our name and Search Engine Optimization is our game! 

Our Canadian SEO company provides expert website ranking services across Canada for multiple industries. We use SEO to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads and sales for your business.

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Local SEO

While we do work at a national level, we love working with local businesses as well. Local SEO is a very effective form of marketing and our team knows how to get your business to the top of the rankings for high target keywords and keep you there.

We are currently providing local SEO in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Victoria, Kamploops, Vancouver and more! If you are looking to get your local business ranking in your area contact us to discuss the best method to do that.

E-commerce SEO

If you have an online store then we have got something for you too. SEO is a vital part of e-commerce and increasing your online sales. It is important to have the right information in the right places so potential buyers can quickly find your product, add it to their cart and complete the transaction.

Search Engine Marketing: SEO, Keywords, Content, Traffic.

Website, Content,
Traffic, Results

It is so important to have a beautiful looking website to capture visitors and clearly represent your brand. 

If you need a website then you have come to the right place.

We can accommodate any budget and style.

Whether you provide a service such as media marketing or a physical product that you sell online and then ship to their door, people shop on the internet. Your content needs to be visible and attractive for people to buy.

At Simple SEO we know it takes a balanced content marketing strategy to effectively get your brand or product out there in front of the right potential customers. Brand development is so important and we focus on making sure your brand is set apart and becomes an authority in your industry. Art of our brand development strategy is creating fresh, top quality, engaging content. We target your specific audience so that they are drawn in and understand that you provide what they need.

When we get your website ranking for your specific keywords, people will know that you provide the content they need then word will spread like wildfire. Online searchers will find you and tell their friends and family about you and your business. You will have an increase in traffic to your site and your business as a result of our professional SEO services and top notch content marketing strategies.

More traffic equals more sales. From here on out your brand will grow exponentially. Once your out their and people are buying from you then the snow ball will start rolling and it will grow. You will just need to keep up.


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