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What is Simple SEO?

Simple SEO is more than just an SEO Agency. We are the digital marketing agency that can help you make your vision a reality.. 

Why Simple SEO?

We understand that it takes more than just search engine optimization to reach your business marketing goals. In order to succeed in todays marketing you need to take multiple sales approaches.

If you want increased traffic and brand growth and development in today’s world you need:

  •  A strong SEO strategy that will help ensure your website stays above your competitors in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • A PPC (pay per click) advertising strategy that will get you traffic to your website starting ASAP.
  • An engaging Facebook Ads Campaign that will put your brand in front of the worlds largest social presence.
  • A social media presence on the worlds major social sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many others.
  • Video Marketing to help with branding.
  • An Email Marketing Strategy to stay engaged with your customers.
  • Support when you need it.

These are a few of the ways we work with our clients to help them succeed with their online branding, growth and development.

We know you have worked hard to get your business to where it’s at and you are proud of it. You should be. We understand that which is why we want to work with you to help you and your business succeed!

Simple SEO & Marketing

Is Simple SEO Right For Me?

We are a small business and so we understand the struggles and victories of a small business. Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. We can tailor our options to meet the needs and requirements of any industry and budget.

Just because we are a small business doesn’t mean we can only work with small businesses. If you have a large thriving business we can help you get where you want to be.

If you are here then you are looking for positive change and we want to help bring that change. We will sit down with you to help create a strategy that will bring your vision of success into a reality.


The Simple SEO Guarantee

At Simple SEO we guarantee that we will do whatever necessary as long as it is not illegal or unethical to help bring your vision of success for your business into reality.

We guarantee that we will put in 100% to help you succeed. When you succeed that is a win for everybody. You, us, your customer. 

We guarantee that we are working for your best interest because we genuinely care about you and the vision you have for your business and your clients.

We don’t just want you to sign up to get results, we want to partner with you to bring positive change and leave a lasting impact on our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is SEO?

Here is the simple version. SEO is short for search engine optimization and it is the process of making your website more appealing and relevant to search engines such as Google or Bing. This includes on page optimization including things like meta titles and tags as well as headings, site strucure and so much more.

How much does SEO cost?

Good SEO for a smaller business costs on average between $500 and $3000 per month depending on what is needed. Good SEO is not cheap, but cheap SEO is not good.

How long does SEO take?

The time it takes for good SEO to take effect is often directly correlated with investment but can differ depending on niche and industry difficulty. If you are investing minimal resources into it then it will take longer. It an take anywhere from a few weeks with lots of investment and lower difficulty market or a couple years in a higher difficulty market.

How Do You Know How to Rank If Google Doesn’t Publish Its Algorithm?

In Short: History, trial and error and personal experiments. There is a large SEO community willing to share results and ranking analysis over time. It all takes lots of time and study… Kind of like a game of chess.

How Do I Pick The Best Keywords to Target?

Today’s search algorithms work to understand the searcher’s intent more than just applying a direct match keyword phrase. Still, you can pick good keywords for content topics (and possibly dedicated pages) by looking for common questions in your industry or niche, current hot topics, and areas you notice your competitors aren’t covering.

How Do I Know If I’m “Keyword Stuffing”?

Keyword stuffing means you have too many keywords on a page (or site). If you’re cramming a keyword into your content, you’re keyword stuffing. You should be able to read the sentence aloud and it sound natural. Keyword stuffing is bad for SEO and people won’t want to read it because it will feel forced.

How Do I Know If Hiring an SEO Company Is Worth It?

Most businesses that hire an SEO expert end up experiencing its benefits. The only drawback is the amount of time it takes to prove its value. In the first few months, you’ll likely see a on your investment and little effect. But good SEO takes time. The more you invest in a quality SEO & marketing company with patience you will see an increase in traffic, brand development and overall generate more revenue.