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SEO Audits and Strategies are what we do best here at Simple SEO.

You have probably had someone tell you “you need to start with an SEO Audit” when discussing the issues with your website ranking and your online visibility. And its true. You can’t improve something without a baseline or reference.

But, any old audit won’t do. You need to know what is wrong with your website, but also what it will take to fix it and what to fix first.

It is helpful to understand the expected impact of the work being done so you can prioritize your spending.

What most companies do for SEO Audits

Most website audits don’t provide this information. When you hire an seo company or marketing agency, you will likely get a Semrush or Ahrefs pdf printout where it lists the issues and needed fixes. The report may even tell you what technical fixes should be prioritized first.

Audits like that generally inlude a keyword ranking report that lists a whole bunch of keywords that your business ranks for and estimated traffic volumes, ppc cost per click data and a bunch of other stuff that you don’t really care about.

That has been our experience when dealing with other marketing companiesand also talking with other business owners. You pay for an audit for $300 and you get a report that includes a bunch of meaningless numbers that seem like greek to you. Then you take it to another SEO company and they tell you they can’t use the report you have and they need to do an audit to be sure.

We get it. You get stuck in this endless cycle of website and SEO audits and nothing ever actually gets done.

How we do SEO Audits at Simple SEO

At Simple SEO we love digging into the nitty gritty of what makes a website tick, why people visit it, how people use it, and why it ranks or doesn’t rank compared to competitors in both local maps and organic search results.

Our SEO professionals have experience in almost all industries auditing large and small businesses. We get that as a business owner you may not care about all the technical details. You shouldn’t need to. You care about your website working as designed, you care about it showing up for people searching for your products and/or services, and converting them to a form submission or call make sales. We know…

Our SEO Audit and Strategy outlines the “issues” with your website, but we also outline a strategy, timeline, estimated cost to fix it and expected impact.

We dig into the nitty gritty of your goals, rankings, how people use your website, how Google uses and interprets your website, content quality, linking structure, you name it…

If you are going to pay for an audit, there should be a strategy that comes with it so you can clearly and easily understand when you put X in you get Y out of it. We think it should be SIMPLE.

We realize that is a shocker, a company that actually creates a strategy to fix what needs to be done. But, before you get too excited and smash the “take my money” button, there are certain things you need to understand before we can look at your website.

We will need access to everything. This isn’t some half assed audit where you go “here is my url, take a look and tell me whats wrong”. No, need access to your Website backend, Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, website hosting access(sometimes), and more.

Whats included in an SEO Audit from Simple SEO

An SEO Audit should give you a high level overview as a summary and then it should allow you to dig deeper into the details regarding the areas you can improve on with an outlined prioritization. You need it to break down each section of your website, and online visibility compared to top competitors, using Google’s guidelines as a measuring stick, since we are playing in their sandbox.

At Simple SEO we focus on 8 key components of your business:

> Local/Organic Rankings

> Opportunity and Market Potential

> Google Business Profile

> Reviews and Reputation

> Directories & Citations

> Link Building

> Website Technical

> Website Content

Our audit process

Depending on the size of your website, we may not report on all your pages but each section gets broken down into subsections. For example, the Google Business Profile portion of the audit is broken down so it covers profile completion, Google guideline compliance, optimization opportunities and more. We cover everything; Core Web Vitals, local presence, E-E-A-T, and so much more.

We will do samples of different sections of your website. If you have issues with a few pages, there is a high likelihood that other pages have the same sorts of issues.

You site and brand presence will be studied, critiqued, and documented in a summary report. Each section will have an observational outline along with our recommendations and priorities. You will be able drill down into the details of what we found, should you wish to do so.

One thing you will find is our reporting is simple. It’s not fancy but it is detailed and it delivers the information in an organized manner.

SEO Audit and Strategy Pricing

We set this to start at a base fee of $2500. This includes the standard SEO Audit, Summary Report and detailed supporting documents.

If you would like to include specific pages instead of a sampling audit, you may request that but it may be extra cost which will be determined on a case by case basis.

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