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Everyone gets excited about the flashy website, social media posts, blog articles, videos… all the things you can see. But, the thing that often gets neglected is what is hidden; the technical aspect of your website. This is where our Technical SEO service comes in.

A typical call to Simple SEO

Caller: “Hi, I am looking for someone who can fix my website, it was showing up on Google for lots of keywords and then all of a sudden I can’t find it anywhere”.

Simple SEO: “How long ago did this happen?”

Caller: “Well, it all seemed to start around May of 2022”.

Simple SEO: “Well that is around the time of Google’s helpful content update, and your story is VERY common.”

See the issue we see often is when people ignore the technical aspects of a website, things may go ok for a bit, but when Google updates happen, traffic goes down, people freak out and then they need it fixed now because it wasn’t built properly to begin with.

The Technical SEO Service by Simple SEO

When you call us because you lost all your traffic, your website disappeared, you lost a bunch of keyword rankings or you aren’t getting phone calls like you used to, there can be many reasons for this. But, often they are a result of a poorly structured website with poor content.

Now the great news about poor content and structure is they can be fixed with our Technical SEO services.

You need someone who can come in, find the issues, and fix them so you can get your business back operating at its peak as soon as possible.

There is no silver bullet with Technical SEO

When you hire Simple SEO for technical SEO services, we don’t just follow a step by step fix. Every situation is a bit different and may be affected by different things.

A few examples of fixes we have seen are:

> Rewriting content to be helpful

> Changing meta titles and descriptions because content wasbeing scraped and published on harmful sites

> Restructuring the url structure and navigation to impact crawling

> Fixing internal redirects and duplicate pages

> Setting appropriate rules in robots.txt

> Restructuring xml sitemap

> Fixing canonical tags

> Fixing illogical URL paramters

> Managing index/no-index meta tags

> Re-organize <head> structure

> Fix Broken links and 404 errors

> Fix 404 Server response on public facing 404 page

> and so many other things…

Many of the above items are commonly done together but there is never just one thing. It is always a combination of a poorly executed strategy and mismanaged expectations that we have to come in and fix.

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