Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is when you publish posts, images, videos… really anything about your brand or business that gets in front of your target audience. You are creating content that they want to see. There are a number of different ways you can create brand awareness and market your business to help bring in leads and traffic. One of the most effective ways is through content marketing.

Your potential customers are looking for your products and services and when you create content around them, Google takes notice.

Why Should You Do Content Marketing

When you understand your buyer’s persona, you can create content that speaks to them specifically and Google will not only recognize that, but reward it because your audience will engage with it.

When you publish content that your target customer wants and is looking for, they spend more time viewing it, clicking through it and your brand gets more engagement in whatever channel you are connecting in.

Not only does content marketing help speak to your potenial buyer but it also generates helpful content for your brand creating a clear distinction between you and your competitors.

It speaks to the experience, the expertise, authority and trust you have in your industry.

How Does Simple SEO Help Local Businesses Through Content Marketing

At Simple SEO we understand the time it takes to market yourself. It can be exhausting constantly creating content for your business. But, we are here to help.

Our content marketing services help you set up a content calendar. We can meet monthly with you to go over your desired strategy, work with you on getting professional photography done and help you get more familiar in front of a camera should you want to be the face of the business online.

If you don’t want to have any involvement, we can handle that too. We use the content from your website to write engaging blog posts and social posts that will help communicate your message to your potential customers.

If you don’t have photos, we can work with stock photography and still be effective although personal branded professional photos are always best!

Choose Your Local SEO Package

Local SEO Pricing

Our SEO Services are designed to grow with your business.

Services Included In Our Local SEO Packages

Local SEO Starter Package

Local SEO for new businesses just getting started with marketing. We help establish your brand and build your SEO foundatio. Its not complicated or expensive. It's Simple SEO.

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Server Success(24x24)@3x

Website Hosting

The foundation of SEO is your website hosting. You need to have a good secure stack to ensure more than one person can view your site at the same time.


SEO Audit and Strategy

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SEO as Web Design

WTF is this? We build SEO focused websites with intentional code and content. We design it to be seen and convert so you can rank and make sales.

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