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Kelowna SEO is the process of making your website more attractive to the search engines so that they will rank you higher in the search results.

Search engine optimization includes setting up your web pages using proper site structure and schema mark up in such a way that search engine crawlers like Google Bot can easily navigate them. Proper optimization also means setting up your web page content and link structure so that it is not cannibalized and stays relevant to the keywords or search terms that you are trying to rank for. 

Building links is an important factor for ranking. Think of them like votes. When you have more links pointing to your site then Google sees that like people voting for your website to be higher up in the SERP’s. With that said, quality is still favored over quantity so don’t just spam it because Google will penalize you. 

Google has reported that they use over 200 ranking factors so no single thing is going to shoot you to the top of the results pages. You need to have a balanced Kelowna SEO strategy to get your website ranking.

Many “Marketing Agencies” just slap a plugin onto your WordPress site and tell you you’ll start ranking at the top of Google searches. In many cases they offer this a a lower rate and genuinely believe that this is search engine optimization. The truth is that ranking involves so much more than just filling out all your meta titles and descriptions and tagging all your images on your website. 

Maybe your a struggling business who has hired ad companies in the past that didn’t produce results. That seems to happen far too often. Maybe you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and you have spent countless hours tweaking your website. Do you create what you think is outstanding content? Have you built links and purchased press releases all with limited success?

If you are finding you just can’t break into that first page of Google then you are not alone. It is not as cut and dry as many people think. You’d be further ahead hiring a Kelowna SEO specialist to reach your goals and bring your vision into a reality.

I had A Website Made…Now What?

Now that you have a website, which is a great first step, you need to make sure that it’s on page content is properly optimized so that you have the best odds at ranking high in Google’s organic search results. This is easier said than done. If you are not keen on learning A LOT in a very short time then the best way for you to accomplish higher page rankings is by hiring a Kelowna SEO Company.  It is important to build a strong foundation so that you have something solid to build off of. 

It is crucial to have the right keywords in your content. You can have great content written but if it is not optimized then you may not be showing up for people searching for you. Keyword research is a critical part of increasing your website’s position in the search results. 

In order to do proper keyword research you need to use special tools to determine which terms will be the most profitable. This doesn’t mean just finding the ones with the most traffic. You want to find words with intent where you know a searcher is wanting to buy. In many cases it is best to target long tail keywords which usually have a few hundred to a few thousand searches per month. Long tail keywords are generally easier to rank for.

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Make your website mobile friendly! This cannot be said enough. Majority of searches happen on mobile devices now. The goal is to have them stay on your website as long as possible and if your website is not mobile friendly and fast then they will not stay very long. Making your website responsive is not only good for conversion rate but also bounce rate.

Build proper high quality relevant back links.  This is a very important ranking factor, but remember quality over quantity here when it comes to link building. You will naturally get people linking to your site if you build good content but focus on link quality when you are building them. Try to avoid spammy software that will send lots of links because they generally are not high quality.

Truth be told, there is way more to Kelowna SEO than just building links and creating good content. It requires a number of tools as well as time which can be costly. Consider if you have time to do it and can afford to purchase software then go for it. If your answer is no then perhaps you should talk to an internet marketing expert instead. It might be costly up front but SEO Kelowna is a long term investment and when done properly you will see excellent results.

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Benefits of Kelowna SEO

If you are a business or website owner located in Kelowna BC then it is extremely important for you to be doing constant search engine optimization. Since you probably know what SEO is meant for then you should use an agency to take care of it for you. With all that said, let’s discuss a few of the benefits of SEO services in Kelowna BC.

Achieve Goals:
If you have a business or a website in Kelowna you have likely set goals. These goals might include things like increasing brand awareness, lead generation, improved social media presence, and increase sales.  Regardless of the goals you have set, hiring an marketing agency in Kelowna can increase your odds of achieving them. 

search engine optimization done right in Kelowna can boost your website’s visibility on Google and other search engines. This is a large contributor in you reaching your goals. It’s plain and simple, when you increase traffic to your website you will get more sales.

Search Engine Optimization Done Right

You are more than welcome to do SEO on your own but chances are you will make mistakes. Unless you take the time to study it and learn what techniques are safe to use and which ones are considered “black hat”, your odds are high that you will do something to get your website penalized and banned by Google. Our Simple SEO company has experts that know what is approved and what is not so you know best practices are being used.

Quicker Results

There is really no such thing as quick results in SEO. But you will see quicker results if you use a Kelowna SEO agency. This is due to the fact that we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what is trending and what strategies have fallen by the wayside and are no longer effective. Simply put, you will see results faster by hiring Simple SEO than you would if you did it on your own. 

A company in Kelowna can use local SEO tactics and video marketing to get you faster results. They will do link building and some social media posting to help get the ball rolling. These are just a few things we can do to get you results quicker.

Committed To Your Continued Success

SEO is not a one time gig. You have to keep studying and learning if you want to continue getting results. Hiring an SEO company in Kelowna will help make sure you continue succeeding online. They will monitor your campaigns and tweak as needed. They will keep an eye on things and continue building links while refining their strategy to get you even better results.

Do you want to reach your goals? Do you want continued success? Do you want to not worry about your bottom line so much or when the phone will ring ring next? We believe your answer is yes which is why you should use our Kelowna SEO services.