Simple SEO was born out of an intense frustration with existing marketing companies and the smoke they sell.

Guess what… fancy dashboards with an overwhelming amount of meaningless information that does not inform decision making WILL NOT increase online visibility or grow your sales.

*Our dashboard is integrated into our SEO services and you only pay for the parts that you use. Win Win.

Plus it is ALL in one place. Win Win Win.

Kevin Pauls, the founder of Simple SEO, believes that high quality Local SEO should be accessible to every business owner, and it should be simple.

Simple to see.

Simple to do. (DFY)

Simple to share.

Simple to understand.

Simple to communicate.

With a background in the Automotive and technical industry, Kevin saw opportunity to bring a clear understanding to business owners about what “SEO for local business” is, and make it accessible to businesses of all sizes with all different budgets.

Simple SEO is that Local SEO Company that removes the fluff, clears the smoke, and gives you the details straight.

Vision of Simple SEO

If you own a business you likely understand the importance of having your business in front of the RIGHT people.

You don’t always need a lot of people, just the right ones that want to buy what you sell.

At Simple SEO, we focus on what moves the needle for you and your business. We know what is going to get you the best bang for your buck and return on your investment. We can work with ANY budget No minimums, no maximums, flexible contracts.

We have Local SEO services for as little as $51/month!

You see, we have worked with businesses just starting out, and also worked with enterprise corporations. The Local SEO Process is fundamentally the same for all of them.

Whatever stage you are at in your business, Local SEO plays a major factor and, in case you didn’t know, your website also plays a major factor.

So.. With all that said, here is the vision and purpose of Simple SEO:

Simple SEO wants to help your local business become more visible online, increase awareness in your local market, and maximize the return on your marketing investment through a straightforward Done For You approach to Local SEO. We do this so you can focus on the important parts of running your business.