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Who We Are And Why We Are Here!

Beginning With Simple SEO

What sparked the thought of starting Simple SEO

Simple SEO was born from the desire to see businesses succeed. This is our WHY!

If you are an individual or a business owner looking to improve your website's Google ranking and branding then it is time to talk to a quality kelowna seo agency.

Start Your Business With Simple SEO

What is your vision?

What is it about business that drives people to go out on their own and become entrepreneurs?

The idea of being their own boss with grandiose visions of less work, more travelling, setting their own schedule and boosting their bank account.

The life of the entrepreneur! It is motivating seeing someone successfully start a business from scratch.

But let's be honest; being in the driver's seat creates a sense of pride because it is no small thing to build something from nothing but a dream.

Vision Of Simple SEO

Simple SEO is the dream of independence alongside community. It is developing relationships built on trust and honesty while providing support on the journey of life in business.

Internet Search Results: The New Word Of Mouth

For a long time business start-ups relied solely on word of mouth between friends, family, and really anyone they came in contact with as they try and build their brand.

The process of building the business and getting it established is no easy task. It takes a specially drive that comes from within; a drive to succeed.

Often out of desperation our survival instincts kick in to keep the business alive.

Starting a business takes a special person that cares about more than just making money.

It is about leaving a lasting legacy and helping others succeed along the way.

Creating a business is about positively impacting and lifting up the people around you.

Kevin Pauls believes this and that is why he started Simple SEO.

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How Simple SEO Can Help Your Business Succeed

Kelowna SEO Company: Simple SEO started as a dream to see businesses succeed in advertising their products online.

While working in the automotive industry Kevin saw businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising without seeing the desired results.

Kevin believes that he can help businesses succeed with expert SEO services, marketing and consulting.

Establishing your online presence is vital in the marketing and branding of your business, which means that it is never too late to start promoting your brand with organic search rankings, local rankings and social media branding.

Learn More About Simple SEO

If you want to learn more about Simple SEO then feel free to call or email us. Our vision is to build relationships and bring people together.

We hope to partner with businesses and network to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

This means that whether you are looking to build your brand locally or set up your business nationally with multiple locations, then our Kelowna SEO agency may be a great fit for you.

We would love to connect with you and find out if we are a good fit to partner with and help you grow your business. We also like making friends.

Keep it Simple.

Kevin Pauls | Simple SEO

The Man Behind Simple SEO

Kevin Pauls was born and raised in Kelowna BC. He is happily married to his amazing wife Alexandra and works with his father at his Automotive Repair Shop as a licensed Automotive Technician while doing SEO after hours.

Kevin started Simple SEO with the desire to help businesses build their brand and visibility while competing with larger more established companies using online platforms.

Kevin hopes to not only help businesses grow and succeed but to bring businesses together and build cross industry partnerships.

"A rising tide lifts all ships" - New England Council