You Bought A Website But Nobody Can See It

So you bought a fancy website? Who Cares!

The internet has become the new word of mouth for the majority of businesses in Kelowna…That is if people can find your website or business.

One of the biggest issues we find is that companies will offer up a web design that looks nice but is often is poorly optimized.

To you the business owner it may seem like a no brainer. The price may be right for you, the site looks good, its the thing to do now-a-days; there are lots of reasons business owners agree to signing on with “web design companies” but…

This is a big BUT…

What are you actually going to gain? What will the return be on your investment.

Your website should ultimately be a tool for your business. It is often the first interaction you will have with people so it should present your business in a positive way saying” Come Here And BUY Things!!!!”

If you bought a website and the Kelowna marketing company does not have a solid SEO strategy then we can help.

What is an SEO strategy you ask? Great question.

If the company you bought a website from did not lay out the plan after the design phase then you need to talk to an SEO Kelowna expert.

A proper SEO strategy includes taking your website, stacking it against your competitors and looking at what makes them rank in maps and organic results of Google AND Bing search engines.

For Example: Google search “Kelowna Chiropractor”

With an average search of 1600/month in Kelowna, that is a significant amount of people.

90% of searchers now are not going past the first page of the search results.

The top 5 Organic listings receive over 70% of the clicks.

86% of people look up a business’s location on Google Maps

seo kelowna chiropractor business search results

Statistically local searches including “near me” have grown over 900% in 2 years. People are doing local searches from a mobile device more than ever before. This is why it is important to not only have a nice website but have it mobile friendly and optimized to rank higher in search engines.

Stats show us that when it comes to local search results:

  • Position #1 gets 24.46% of all clicks
  • Position #2 gets 13.38% of all clicks
  • Position #3 gets 10.12% of all clicks

Search results after position #6 in Local Search receive 2% of total clicks.

In Summary:

Simply put, you need to have SEO done on your website to help grow your business.

Wanna Do It Yourself? Check out our 5 Simple Steps To Rank Your Website.

While it is not a guaranteed sale, no marketing is. The fact of the matter is that SEO is by far the most effective form of marketing for businesses in Kelowna and directly targets people looking for your products or services.

While we can use SEO to get your business in front of the right people looking for what you offer, ultimately it is up to you to make the sale.

If you have questions or are looking for a Kelowna marketing company that can actually get your business to the top then talk to us at Simple SEO in Kelowna.

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