Top 5 Things To Do In Kelowna Today

Kelowna BC is one of the most amazing places on the planet and it has so much to offer. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a foodie Kelowna has got you covered. 

Located in the center of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is approximately 7 hours from Calgary, Alberta and 4 hours from Vancouver BC. It is right in the middle of where you want to be.

Kelowna’s tourism industry has been steadily growing and has some major projections for growth in 2019. This is great news for you because the local businesses really step it up. Along with the local cuisine and events that take place, the scenic tourist destinations are second to none.

For more on things to do in Kelowna just do a Google Search and Kelowna’s Local Maps will give you plenty of Options.

Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Kelowna today. 

Explore Downtown Kelowna

Load your evenings with buying as well as snacking along the primary strip at Bernard Avenue, which is populated with stores as well as dining establishments and ends right at the shoreline! If you’re visiting in July and August, expand your stroll a little longer and take a trip downtown. The lakefront boardwalk to the beachfront at City Park is a must see. While you are downtown you can take in the fabulous music of Parks Alive which features local talent throughout the week. Along with music in the park you can take in a show or explore the rest of what downtown Kelowna has to offer!

Hike Knox Mountain Park

One of the most beautiful spots in Kelowna is at the top of Knox Mountain Park. There is a gazebo located at the top that gives a breathtaking view of the city  and Lake Okanagan. Knox Mountain Park is located just North of Kelowna’s downtown and has hiking and biking trails as well as a rocky beachfront once you reach Paul’s Tomb. You can enjoy the wildlife and the exercise all while overlooking the beautiful city of Kelowna. If you are a fan of the outdoors and like a good hike then Knox Mountain is a must visit for you!


Kelowna has so much to offer in terms of food and drink. Did you know that Kelowna has award winning wineries with award winning chefs?

Kelowna is literally home to global award winning wines. 

If you are a foodie then you are in luck. A few of the top places to eat in Kelowna are: Raudz, Cactus Club, Earls, Craft, Parlour, Waterfront… The list could go on and on.

The fact is that Kelowna has so much to offer whether you are looking for fine dining, dessert or a food truck you will not be disappointed.

Rock Climbing And Bouldering

The local Kelowna Rock Climbing book is a superb source if you are looking for in depth info on rock climbing or bouldering. If you desiring to get into climbing indoors, outdoors or you are looking for an area to practice, Beyond The Crux Climbing Gym will certainly get you prepared and also warmed up for your outdoor climbing experience.

Gneiss Climbing Gym is a relatively new place to climb in Kelowna and like Beyond the Crux it is home to a number of experienced climbers that are more than willing to help you out.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor rock to climb, The Okanagan has it all. Check out Cedar Park, the Boulder Fields, KLO and Mount Boucherie. You’ll find there is a lot available and all levels are welcome.

Climbing in the Okanagan is filled with fun and has a great social community. Don’t be shy. Test yourself, get in a good work out, make some new friends and have fun with Climbing in and around Kelowna.

There are numerous climbs in the Kelowna location ranging from under 5.9 to over 5.12 (YDS). Before you head out for your climbs up see to it you are well geared up with every one of the needed equipment.

Lay On The Beach

The Okanagan Lake is home to over 30 beaches around its borders. There is sure to be one that suits your fancy. Although it is not as energy draining as some of the other activities in Kelowna, sometimes it is nice to just get your tan on and relax by the water.

City Park, Gyro Beach, Kinsmen Park, Sarsons Beach and Strathcona are just a few beaches that are family friendly and readily available for some sun soaking.

Whichever beach you choose be sure to lather up as you don’t want to get sunburned!