Search Engine Optimization


What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is process of making your website more relevant and readable to Google’s crawlers as well as the people searching for your product or service.

In order for you to make your product or service visible on the internet, you need to make your page relevant and available to people searching for it. How do you do this? You make it more desirable in the eyes of the search engine such as Google or Bing.

How do I know if my website is optimized?

The best way to know if your website is properly optimized is to have an SEO expert take a look at it. But, another way is to compare it to your competition that ranks higher than you for your specific keywords. If you would like us to have a look at your website and do an SEO audit of it then contact our Kelowna SEO company.

An SEO audit is a simple analysis of your website to find out what is preventing it from ranking in the top search results. This will tell us where you are and where you need to be to get your website on the first page of Google making it more visible to potential clients.


Why do I need to do SEO?

You need to do search engine optimization in order to be seen by people searching for your product or service online.

When you are looking for something online Google wants to offer you the most pleasant and accurate search results to give the best experience possible. In order to do this Google looks at many factors in fact it is said that there are over 200 factors that make your page rank in Google search engine results pages also known as SERP's.


How does Google look at my website?

Google has built this thing called a bot. It uses an algorithm that crawls your website's pages and references them against it's specific ranking factors. Then Google gives your site a grade or ranking for specific search terms which we see as the search results.

The Google bot is continually being updated and modified so that the searcher receives the most satisfying experience. It is important to Google that you the searcher find the most relevant content.


Local SEO

Let's say for example you are living in Kelowna BC, Canada and you are going to head south for the winter. You are looking for a place to either buy or rent so you bring up Google on your computer and type in "vacation home for rent in Arizona". You will get multiple listings that show up.

Google Adwords will show at the very top. They are the advertisements that people buy directly through Google. Below that you have local listings show up in the maps section.

The Maps section presents local business listings for your certain area. Generally there will be a few that show up on the top and then you can expand the listings to show other businesses. Local businesses get the most visibility by being in the top 3 of the local map listings.

The organic section is just below that with the most relevant pages that Google can find for your search. Those listings are there because their pages are optimized the best. They may not be local businesses but according to Google they have the most authority and relevancy for you.

There will be hundreds of thousands of search results that have some relevancy to your search topic but only the top 10 best optimized pages show up on Googles first page.

The top ten listings in the search results will have certain content that has to do with your search but there is so much more involved in optimizing your website for Google. Things like which hosting provider you are using. The web host you choose can affect the load time and page speed of your website. This website is hosted through Green Geeks. You can check them out here.  Other things like who else on the internet is referencing your page or linking to your page which creates almost a popularity contest of sorts. These are called back links. They are kind of like votes and the more votes you get for your website then the higher ranking your website will have. Along with the quantity of votes you have, Google also looks at the quality of those votes.


What is the best way to optimize your website?

There is no specific formula for how to optimize your website to rank at the top of Google search results. Many groups or organizations will say that they have the formula but the truth is there is none and whatever there is, Google keeps changing. While nothing is set in stone, there are certain principles that one can follow and adapt along the way. Here are a few of the steps or rules if you would that you can follow to optimize your website.

  • Understand your viewer or searcher,
  • choose 5-10 keywords or search phrases that you want people
  • Create a visually appealing website to promote strong conversions,
  • Write captivating headings and tag them appropriately to be more relevant to your searchers,
  • Create quality content on the pages and tag them properly making sure to use alternate text for images with tags that have to do with your desired search terms.
  • Make sure your pages link to each other appropriately making sure not to add your keywords too many times but just enough times.
  • Set up a sitemap for Google to search and index your pages more easily.
  • Optimizing your website takes time so don't panic when you don't see your website in Google SERP's right away, it often takes months to make your website visible let alone rank on the first page.

These steps are a very base starting point for getting your site optimized. Like it was said before, there are over 200 ranking factors or things that affect your page ranking in Google. SEO is continually changing so these steps need continual tweaking stay current with the algorithm updates.

Simple SEO knows what it takes to properly optimize and rank a website for specific search engines such as Google or Bing. We know what readability score your content needs to be so that your viewers or searchers can understand it easily and also Google can understand it in order to present it properly to the searchers. We can tell how many anchor texts you need from which pages and if they should be exact match or not. We know how many back links you will need to outrank your competitors. It is important to understand how your headings and images need to be tagged and how to analyze your competitors so you can outrank them in the SERP's. Our expert SEO agency knows how important it is to do it all properly because if you set things up wrong you can negatively affect your rankings and our website will become less visible to searchers.

Choose Kevin Pauls and Simple SEO to take your website, optimize it for Google and get it ranking on the first page. Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is what we do. We are experts in our field and our goal is to make your life easier. Simplify your life with our Kelowna SEO company Simple SEO.