Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Safe, Secure, Canadian…and blazing fast. Managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price.

Oh yeah, and we offer free website migration. How bout that.

Benefits of Canadian Managed WordPress Website Hosting By Simple SEO

So we realize there are lots of options for hosting out there. That is actually a really good thing. We believe that lots of choices is great because people have all sorts of different preferences and needs.

Out managed wordpress website hosting is for the kind of person that has a website that they want to keep secure, fast, and search engine optimized at a reduced monthly rate.

Imagine if your website gets hacked and you have spent thousands of dollars trying to make it right. You have now lost a ton of time and money. The potential clients that would have visited your site can’t because, well… it would be under maintenance. You just lost business and forked over a mortgage downpayment to fix it.

Our Premium managed wordpress hosting fixes that. 
You will get a blazing fast website that will be SEO optimized and on lock down in case anyone tries to take it over. We will ensure it does not get hacked and even it it does we will clean it up for you.

On top of having a super secure hosting, you will also get access to 30 minutes of developer time to work on your site every month. This is a sweet deal because developers can be expensive and will often not take on a small project like this. With managed wordpress hosting from Simple SEO you can ge tthe best service anywhere… Oh yeah and it is Canadian Hosting. Just thought we’d throw that in there.

Basically if you sign up with our Premium Canadian Managed WordPress Hosting package ( wow what a mouthful ) then you have complete peace of mind knowing that the major investment into your business is guaranteed to last and be safe.