Google Business Profile Optimization

Its one thing to have a Google Business Profile set up and operating but it is another thing to have it properly optimized so that people can find it.

At Simple SEO we offer GBP Audits but we don’t stop there. We will also go through the listing and set it up, and fully optimize it so it is primed and ready to rank on local maps.

What is included in Google Business Profile Optimization

We look at all aspects of a Google Business Profile:

GBP Name:

The business name is important. It is one of teh primary factors that Google looks at. It needs to match the legal registration, but if it can be better optimized by using a dba, then we will make that recommendation.

Primary Category:

The primary category is of utmost importance. This is one of the primary ranking factors that Google looks at.

Secondary Categories:

The secondary categories are also important as they help expand your relevancy in different industries. Like the primary category, secondary categories have a significant impact on GBP visibility.

Business Address:

The business address MUST match the legal business registration. Multiple studies have been done that demonstrate showing a business address will impact local maps rankings in a positive way. When your address shows, you get a pin on the map whereas if you are a service area business you won’t get a map pin to show.

Phone Number:

Phone numbers are one of the main identifiers that follow a business across the web. Google looks at phone numbers and uses them to associate a business with individual locations. We look at tracking numbers and alternate numbers as well to make sure that Googel understands which numbers are the primary, secondary and tracking numbers.

Website URL:

The website url should take the user to a landing page that presents information that is consistent with the GBP. This is one thing that gets skipped over all the time by most agencies but is one of the most impactful.

Business Hours:

The business hours need to be consistent across the web. Google looks at this closely. It should be consistent between the GBP and website. The hours need to be accurate to provide the best user experience so people don’t show up and the business is closed.


Attributes are there because people request them. We review the attributes and make sure they are filled out appropriately for your business.

Business Description:

The business description contrary to popular belief does not need keywords in it. They don’t affect ranking. But, the description is your 750 character opportunity to sell yourself to your potential customers. Google displays the first ~200 characters so we make sure the most impactful statements show up there and then fill the rest with engaging content according to your buyers persona.

Business Short Name:

The business short name is a descriptive url name used as an alternate identifyer. Google has mostly removed this as an option so its not applicable to new accounts.

Opening Date:

The opening date is pretty self explanatory. It is important to fill out as it helps to legitimize a business and can demonstrates experience in a particular industry.


Reviews are extremely important. They are a ranking factor and they are tiered. So beyond the first 10, they are less impactful until you hit 100 which puts you into a 2nd level. This isn’t something that is clearly published in Google’s documentation but is understood by Product Experts.


When we look at photos we look at all of the different photo categories and make sure they follow Google’s recommendations. Essentially Google states you should have 3 photos/videos in each category or label. We look at the Logo, Cover Photo, interior/exterior photos and whether the photos represent the true nature of the business. Does the business have exterior signage, are the photos stock images, are they blurry, duplicate photos and competitor/industry comparisons.


Videos are the number 1 converting media format and when you have videos on your GBP they actually show up in the listing on local maps. Usually videos show up in the number 2 slot of the images section. Having videos of arriving at a business, going inside, the waiting area and videos of the services offered provide a better user experience and Google tends to reward that.


Google posts help your listing show up in search, build relevancy and help boost conversions. We look at things like: are you posting, what post types are being used, are you using tracking parameters. We recommend posting once per week and that is part of our local listings bundle service.


Its important to have the business owner as the primary owner of the listing. We also recommend that there are other accounts assigned as managers and owners where applicable. One or more of the email addresses should be branded with the domain.


Products help get your listing shown in the Google Shopping section for free. Using products as services can be a great way to get your services listed in search but in some cases Google is rejecting this as it has been abused by others in the industry. It is best to offer products as products and use services as they were intended to be used.


We look at your services and make sure they are filled out completely. All of the services you offer should be listed there and if Google recommends services AND they fit with what you actually offer then they should be selected. We also make sure that your service descriptions are fully filled out and keyword optimized.

Questions & Answers:

Questions and Answers allow businesses to create a mini FAQ on their profile listing. We make sure Questions are asked and then answered by the business. We also remove any off topic, spam or inappropriate questions and answers.


Google’s messages feature offers the ability for customers to interact with you right through your listing. Not only that, but it also offers an AUTO FAQ feature in the chat. You can automate FAQ Generation through messages and offer your customers a better experience.

Social Profiles:

We ensure your business name is consistent between your GBP and social profiles. We also look at whether social profiles are verified. Google also has provided the ability to add social profiles right within your Google Business Profile listing so we check those as well.

Additional Conversion Factors:

There are many other conversion factors that we look at and it often comes down to how listings are presented on the maps. Your competitors that are winning may have something look or present different than yours and so we take those things into account when optimizing a Google Business Profile listing.

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