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Marketing is kind of a buzz word in Kelowna. For years the Yellow Pages have been the front runner for local marketing to help businesses to get their names out there.

They provided websites and call tracking with a nice and clean dashboard where you could see all the times that a telemarketer called you or a crawler visited your website. 

Big whoop right?! What matters is how much did I spend on that advertising and how much did I make from it!

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Increase Sales In Kelowna With Simple SEO

So much has changed in the last 10 years even. Google has become the front runner in the internet world with their search engine consuming a whopping 74.54% of the market share when it comes to people searching for products, services or information online. 

A whopping 98% of people search online for things before they go buy them in a store! Crazy right?!

When people search online they generally look up a term like “kelowna chiropractor” and scan the first few listings and click on the one that sounds good and has good reviews.

They don’t spend a lot of time on the page and RARELY go to page 2. Thus why it’s so important for your business to be at the top of page 1.

So how do we get your business to the top of the search results?

Let’s start with SEO…What is SEO and why does it matter for your business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is how websites get found at the top of Google for specific search terms. It makes your website more visible and helps bring in more customers. 

Essentially Google search results is a list of advertisements. When you search for something online a whole list of ads show up. Google is trying to show you the most relevant and accurate results for whatever you search for.

Kelowna SEO helps Google understand what your website is about and helps your ad to rank higher.

Whats the difference between Google Ads and SEO? 

Google ads only exist as long as you are paying for them and every time someone clicks on your ad you pay. SEO puts your ad in front of people actually searching for your products or business and people can click as many times as they want and it doesn't cost you any more or any less.

Did you know 95% of people don’t go past page 1? That is why it is so important for your website to be on page one. 

So…with that said, How do we get your site to the top?

SEO can be broken up into two basic categories. “On Site SEO” and “Off Site SEO”. This means that some of the work we do is on your site and other work is completely separate from your website. It all works together to bring more traffic to your business with ROI being the ultimate goal.

SEO takes years of technical training and a whole lot of creativity to do it properly. If done poorly Google will actually penalize your website and it takes a lot of work to fix it. You don’t want that.

Our On Site SEO Process

Keyword Research

It is important to know what people are actually searching for. You can have a beautiful website that ranks for all kinds of terms but if nobody is looking at them then who cares! Google learns about your business and what you do based on what people search and their online behaviors. We assist this process so your message is clearly understood by the search engines.

Website Audit

We have found that there are a lot of companies that build websites but they are not structured properly so Google Bot gets confused. We take sites like that and do an audit to determine where the issues are and why it is not ranking and we fix those issues.

Kelowna Marketing

On Site Optimization

This is where we do some work in the back end of your website as well as the front end content. We make your website content more relevant and engaging. We optimize it specifically for the keywords that will bring your business more traffic.

UX – User Experience

This is a big factor for something called CTR or Click Through Rate. Google looks at how long people are on your website and favours the sites that people spend more time on. There are lots of reasons people abandon sites so we want to prevent that. We will make sure your site is fast and can be navigated easily. Your website is often a first impression and it needs to be a good one.

Off Site SEO


We go through your site and make sure your content is well written, relevant and optimized. When you have engaging content people are drawn to it. They will like and share it and direct more traffic to your website. It is kind of like getting more votes and Google will reward this behavior with ranking your site higher.

Link Building

Google has stated that backlinks or links from other websites to your website are an important ranking factor and our experience agrees with that. We develop a link strategy for your business to help grow your brand and authority online.

Reputation Management

When you are online shopping do you look at reviews? When I look for a chiropractor or massage therapist I always read the reviews. Online reviews are like the new word of mouth. We base our choices on other people’s experiences all the time and reviews are a great way to build trust online. We work with local companies to make sure their reputation stays intact and they become a trustworthy business that draws people in.

There is a lot involved with proper SEO and we have only touched the surface of it. You can spend years getting your website ranking and get it penalized in the process. OR…you can trust it to the professionals.

At Simple SEO we have some extremely competitive pricing and we are driven by results. We help you grow your business and boost your revenue AND help you keep some mula in your marketing budget.

Let’s get your business growing and see the difference Simple SEO can make.

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