How To Get Your Website Ranking With Kelowna SEO

search engine optimization in Kelwona

Google and other search engines took over the internet. This means online marketers have to discover how to comply with their guidelines and get some love for our clients’ websites. I can not stress it enough how essential it is to get your website on page one for a variety of keywords because of the increase in traffic and sales for your business. When the majority of people search online, they quickly look at page one and click on the very first couple of companies they see. You want to be one of them.

So we ask the question: How do you get your Kelowna website ranking and appearing at the top of Google?


Let’s begin with … what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of ranking much better in search engine results so you can see an increased number and quality of visitors to your website.

Majority of clicks are offered to websites on the very first page of Google.

These activities need know-how due to the fact that you can get penalized from the search engines and either get dropped from the results or banned entirely. Yeah, you read that correctly, that’s bad.

SEO includes both technical and innovative skills. They can be organized into “on page SEO” and “off page SEO”. Some work we do is on the back end of your site and the visual content copy itself while some is done completely away from the website to bring traffic in.

Everyone wants to rank their website and increase visibility. So how do we get you there?

Here’s what we typically do for onsite Kelowna SEO:

Keyword Research

We do our homework and research what terms people are searching for. These keywords are extremely important. The goal is to let the search engines know what your business does based upon your audience and its behaviour.

Technical Auditing

In some cases we need to make some changes to websites and often there are a number of technical concerns preventing the search engines from properly crawling and indexing the web pages. Generally, the poor site structure and build is what is puzzling the search engines. They simply can’t effectively crawl your website to determine it’s content quality and relevancy because it is too tough to properly navigate.

Onsite Optimization

We improve the site structure and how bots as well as people navigate the site. We make sure your content is fresh and relevant to the terms that people are searching for. We concentrate on high traffic locations and insert keywords where appropriate.

User Experience

Numerous things can turn a user off and speed up their click through rate which is bad for SEO. We’ll do a general audit of your site to guarantee it loads fast enough and is simple to browse. This helps create a more user friendly environment and makes people want to spend more time on your site to learn more about your company. Your website is one of your most powerful sales tools and is often your first impression.

Here’s what we usually do for offsite SEO:

Material Upgrades

If you have great content that is easily readable and engaging on your website, more individuals and sites will want to connect back to it. If search engines see sites connecting to your web pages and sharing it then they’ll show you more love and increase your rankings.

Link Building

This is a sticky subject. At Simple SEO we do what is necessary to get you the results you are paying for as long as it is not illegal or unethical. With that said, we have a fantastic process in place to get your website noted on credible company directories and other websites that help give your site more authority.

Online Reputation Management

Since Google and other search engines rule the web, marketers need to play by their rules and get more creative. Social meida and online reputation is part of that. Getting your website on page one is an effective way to build your brand and establish a great reputation. Along with having an online reputation you will also need someone to manage it. We can take care of your reputation management so you can focus on your business and providing top quality service to your customers.

You can have a go at SEO yourself, however getting punished by Google is very real. If you want to see results much faster, it’s most likely best to employ a specialist. Give us a call today and let’s start right away as it does take some time to perform proper SEO and brand development.

We work with local companies to gather lots of online reviews from YOUR customers. Not only do online reviews help establish trust, they can convince brand-new searchers to choose you above the other businesses. Google reviews can help establish brand trust but ultimately don’t play a major direct role in SEO. While some companies will tell you you need reviews to get into the Google Maps 3 pack, the truth is you don’t. Proper citations, links, and SEO will get you ranking.

Don’t wait too long to hire an SEO professional. Search engine optimization takes time but has a great long term ROI when done properly. For more info talk to us at Simple SEO.