Buzz Marketing Trends In Kelowna

So often we hear of buzz terms when it comes to marketing. This like SEO or content marketing are becoming more and more common in the local marketing scenes.

There are a few trends that have popped up in Kelowna within the last few years and we would like to touch on a couple of them.

kelowna buzz marketing by Simple SEO
marketing trends in Kelowna

Buzz trend number 1.

Avocado: This little gem for some reason has moved into the spotlight. What used to be a delicious addition on many dishes has now become one of Kelowna’s latest craves.

It is driven by the health industry, as are many things in Kelowna, and now you find them on everything. Whether it is your breakfast, toys, logos… you can even get avocado on toast when you buy a home in Kelowna. It’s Bizarre.

But people have taken a liking to avocados in a serious way hence them being our number 1 buzz marketing trend.

Buzz marketing trend number 2.

Gluten Free/ Vegan: Seeing as most things having to do with life in Kelowna revolve around food we will stick with it. The health trends are evolving and Gluten Free/Vegan is a major buzz word in the marketing space.

While there is no argument that some people need it, it amazes me how you can simply put that stamp on something and it instantly sells for more.

Have you ever gone into a local grocery store and looked at rice? When it says vegan or gluten free and is for sale for more than the one beside it that doesn’t it makes me wonder what is in the other one.

Immediately my mind asks the question ” what have I been eating all these years?”. The silly part is it is a branding ploy and BOTH bags of rice qualify as gluten free and vegan but only one says it so that makes the difference.

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