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We build beautiful websites and help people see them.

Small Business Marketing In Kelowna BC

Are you a small business owner that is struggling and to get your brand noticed?

Do you wonder how to get the phone ringing more and get more customers in the front door?

These are 2 of the biggest complaints we hear, and for good reason!

Getting customers in your door to purchase your products or services is the lifeline of your business!

At Simple SEO we work WITH you to develop a plan of action, set up a digital presence for your brand and help get you in front of the right people who are already searching for what you sell, but just can’t find it because your website is not ranking of the first page of the search engines.

Kelowna Website Design & SEO

Your website is like your best employee. It is always working for you even when your business is closed and it should be a solid representation of your business. Often a website is where people get their first impression of your business and it should leave THE RIGHT impression! 

How is your website? Does it convert? Is it engaging? Does it send the “right” signal? Can your customers easily find it online? Is it targeting the people who are already looking for your business or is i just hanging out in the internet in the slums of page 2 and beyond.

If you wonder about any of the questions above then give us at call. We would love to chat about what it is you are looking for and if we might be a good fit for you to help take your online presence to the next level.

E-commerce Marketing

If you have an online store then we have got something for you too. Getting the foundation right is important for search engines to crawl it. SEO is a vital part of e-commerce and increasing your online sales. It is important to have the right information in the right places so potential buyers can quickly find your product, add it to their cart and complete the transaction.

Search Engine Marketing

We get your business found online!

Having a beautiful website is great, but getting it noticed is a completely different story. 

At Simple SEO we not only create beautiful websites but we get them ranking so potential customers can find them. 

We provide search engine marketing services whether you are looking to do pay per click ads, local maps or organic search listings talk to one of our marketing experts.

We can accommodate any budget and style!

Content Marketing In Kelowna

Whether you sell online or have a brick and mortar store, we have something for you. All our services are custom tailored for individual businesses based on what you need to promote your business.

At Simple SEO we know it takes a balanced content marketing strategy to effectively get your brand or product in front of the “right” potential customers. Part of our brand development strategy is creating fresh, top quality, engaging content. We target your specific audience so that they are drawn in and understand that you provide what they need. We use multiple channels to help you reach your audience including: Facebook, Google, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more!

More traffic equals more sales. From here on out your brand will grow exponentially. Once your out their and people are buying from you then the snow ball will start rolling and it will grow. You will just need to keep up.


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