Simple SEO Service Areas

Simple SEO is so much more than just a Kelowna SEO Company. While we are located in Kelowna BC, our services extend out across the globe. The internet is an amazing in that sense. It enables people to communicate and do business together regardless of location. While we tackle projects far and wide there is something comforting about keeping things simple and being able to drive to meet a client face to face and share a meal and a brew of some kind. Local business success is a passion of ours. We get excited about making dreams a reality regardless of where you are from.

Here are just a few of the many areas that we service. Feel free to contact us for more info if you are not located in these places. We are more than willing to jump on a video chat or phone call as another means to connect.

Kelowna, BC

Kelowna is a beautiful city located in the center of the Okanagan Valley. It touches Okanagan Lake and spreads up and down the valley creating a perfect place to live an active lifestyle or a low key relaxed lifestyle. Kelowna is open for business which makes it an exciting city to be a part of!

Kelowna SEO is vital to getting noticed online. When someone goes online and searches for your product or service in Kelowna you want them to see your website right away. To learn more about SEO in Kelowna by Simple SEO then head on over to our Kelowna SEO page.


More service areas to be added soon!