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Local SEO Consulting & Implementation

SEO success should be measured by $dollars not keywords.

Are you frustrated with marketing agency gimmicks and smoke and mirrors from sales reps?

Don't be forced to settle with an agency that doesn't have your best interest in mind. Simple SEO partners with you and your inhouse teams as an extension of your business.

Local SEO: Simple And Easy

Show potential customers that you can solve the problems they have, and that you are trustworthy. People buy from people they know and trust.

"Local SEO is about demonstrating that you do the thing you say you do, in the place you say you do it. It is that simple."

Discover how simple local SEO can be when you start working with us. Ignore the noise of costly backlinks, chasing keywords, high monthly recurring costs. When you trust our Simple SEO process, you can focus on running your business... or going fishing.

We can scale up or down depending on your needs and budget. We partner WITH you like an extension of your team.

Click the link below to schedule an intro call. Don't worry, its not a sales call. We just want introduce ourselves and learn about you and your business.

Our "Simple" Local SEO Packages

Big or small, we work with them all.

Included SEO Services

You can have it all... just not all at once.

Local SEO Starter Package

Local SEO for new businesses just getting started with marketing. We help establish your brand and build your SEO foundatio. Its not complicated or expensive. It's Simple SEO.

Google Business Profile Photography

Your Google Business Profile is an incredible resource that Google has a provided for FREE! But, most people don't utilize it properly. The photos section of a profile can be...

website care plans icon

Website Care Plans

Don't leave your website performance and security up to chance. We engineer success with our website care plans.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization

Its one thing to have a Google Business Profile set up and operating but it is another thing to have it properly optimized so that people can find it. At...

content marketing

Content Marketing

Search optimized content marketing is the number one way to expand your online visibility with a long term focus. Play the long game and win with Simple SEO.

blog posting

Blog Posting

Everyone says that content is King. But, the truth is that good helpful content is King. At Simple SEO we provide blog writing services so that your business can continue...

business listing management service

Local Listings Management

Local listings are foundational for Local SEO. I will say it again for those in the back. Local listings are foundational for Local SEO. What is included in the Local...

local SEO

Local SEO

How do I rank on Google Maps? This service does that. Every local business needs to be found to survive. Most people search on Google Maps to find what they...

Server Success(24x24)@3x

Website Hosting

The foundation of SEO is your website hosting. You need to have a good secure stack to ensure more than one person can view your site at the same time.


SEO Audit and Strategy

We do you a real, manual audit. Yes we use tools to help. We also outline a strategy that you can either take in-house or hire us to execute it...

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The Types of Companies We Partner With

We Serve Local Businesses of All Sizes

You want to work someone that has experience in the industry you work in. We have that. Whether you are in the home services industries, beauty and aesthetics, or health and wellness, our team operates in those spaces on a daily basis.

If you have a large franchise with hundreds of locations across the USA and Canada, or you're a local mom and pop shop that is just getting into the digital age after 30 years of writing paper invoices by hand, we've got you.

Is it time for you to take action? ...Yes, we think it is.