5 Simple Steps To Rank Your Website

At Simple SEO we are all about helping small business owners succeed.

We have talked to multiple business owners that want to do their SEO themselves and we think that is awesome!!!!

We love seeing people motivated to bring positive change in their workplace and grow their business.

We believe that SEO can be a big part of that.

We have put together a 5 step ranking guide for how we rank any website. There is no REAL magic…Just hard work and it pays off.

If you are looking to do your own website SEO then kudos to you because it is a lot of fun and super rewarding.

Here is the guide and process we follow here at Simple SEO and it works. Try it for yourself.

Remember though if you find yourself in a pickle where you are lost in it that is A-OK. Reach out to us and we can chat about it.

If you find that this process is a bit daunting and want someone else to look after it all…well that is ok too. We get it.


5 Simple Steps To Rank Your Website

keyword research
On Page / On Site SEO
Business Brand Building
Keyword / Location / Services Targeting
Website Ranking

There you have it. It’s simple right?

If your eyes are a bit glazed over it is ok. Not everyone understands SEO and everything it involves.

Just because it is “Simple” doesn’t mean it is easy. With that said GO FOR IT!!!!!!! You won’t know unless you try.

We do this on a daily basis so if you are struggling with it and can’t quite crack the code to get your site ranking then talk to us at Simple SEO.

If you want someone else to take care of if for you for whatever reason we can do that too… Just ask because we love this stuff!!!

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