5 Important Factors For Ranking A Website

A lot of people want to know how to rank their website and for good reason. Having a high ranking website is important for increasing visibility online. Why would someone want to increase visibility online? That is simple. 

When more people see your product and click on your website then Google recognizes those clicks kind of like votes implying that your website has more value than other sites therefore should be ranked higher. 

Naturally, the more people who see your product then the more sales you will get. 5 major variables in ranking a website are: website host, page speed, proper on page optimization, high quality content, and relevancy.

5 Important Factors For Ranking

Does it matter who hosts my website?

Yes and no. It is not so much a matter of who is hosting but what are they providing. At Simple SEO we personally do not host on our own servers because there is no point in us recreating the wheel. It is just not cost effective for us. We set out to find out who would provide the best options for us at the best price.

Why we chose Greengeeks Web hosting

We chose Greengeeks because they are environmentally responsible in their production, they offer great value with their hosting options, and they have established quality servers with optimal speed and very little downtime. Along with their top quality product, their pricing is very attractive and competitive for their shared hosting plan.

Below is a link to their shared hosting plan.


  • Greengeeks offers one shared hosting plan and it comes with lots of unlimited features like bandwidth and storage on SSD, they offer a free SSL certificate, PCI compliance and integrate with softaculous so you get the latest version of CPanel as well as one click installs with multiple software options and apps.
  • They boast having a 99.9% uptime which is fantastic! The last thing you want when you rely on your website is for it to go down. Down time means lost revenue and that is just not cool.
  • Greengeeks is environmentally responsible. Their platform is based on providing lightning fast website hosting services without causing harm to the planet. Often software production and management can have a major carbon footprint with producing electricity and having massive servers that need to be kept cool. Greengeeks thought of all these things and states that for every 1 Amp they pull from the grid, they invest three times that in the form of renewable energy via the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Greengeeks is a company that wants to leave a lasting impact on not just the web server industry but on the globe to make it a better, more sustainable place.

That is something we at Simple SEO can get on board with.

Website Speed

Website speed has become evermore important as part of Google’s algorithm. Google is trying to provide the best user experience for searchers and there is nothing worse than trying to view something on a website it takes forever to load. Whether it takes forever to load pictures or there are multiple render blocking snippets or whatever it is, Google looks at all those things and determines that slow websites will result in a poor user experience; thus reduced rankings.

Why Is Site Speed Important?

Website speed is kind of like your first impression when someone goes to your website. If you have a brick and mortar business and a customer arrives and nobody acknowledges their existence and they sit for a long time waiting it can leave a bad taste in their mouth. In this day and age nobody likes to wait and this leads people to not want to buy. We live in a here and now culture and wait times on a website are equally as important as wait times in a building.

At Simple SEO we are a big fan of wordpress for multiple reasons but we won’t get into that today. If you have a self hosted website built on wordpress then you are in luck.

Our favourite tool to help with caching and web page load time is WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is a caching plugin for self hosted WordPress websites. While it is not easily found in the wordpress plugin listings, it is our favourite tool to make your website faster and improve the user experience. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner then WP-Rocket is for you. It literally takes 3 minutes to set up and with a price point of $49 US /year for a single site, it is completely reasonable.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is often overlooked but is crucial when it comes to getting your website ranked. People often talk about having backlinks and press releases or guest posts but those things are way more effective if you have a proper foundation set up. 

It’s like building a house like a funnel with the on page optimization being the narrow point at the bottom. It will easily topple over and in this case get outranked. You need a good base to build off of and having all your on page done properly is extremely important.

Image Optimization

Part of optimizing your website site pages includes making sure your images are the right size and compressing them properly. This can be really tedious so we highly recommend the plugin imagify. This plugin packs a punch and offers so much value and capability especially in the free version. You have a limited amount of images that can be optimized but for most small websites the free version is a great option.

Image optimization can have a huge impact on not just your on page but also your site speed as well so imagify coupled with WP-Rocket is a recipe for success. The rest of your on page optimization also known as on page SEO is best done by an SEO expert. Things like making sure your headings are tagged properly, inbound/outbound link ratio is acceptable and site structure is set up properly are things that a tool can be helpful with but ultimately need a detail oriented human eye with a proper understanding of high quality technical SEO.


Content is a big part of ranking due to the fact that when people come across your website it is what is on the page that engages them and calls them to take action. Google doesn’t like copyrighted content. Try not to use other people’s content unless you cite the original author. Even then, attempt to create original engaging content to avoid the risk of a Google penalty and lose your ranking position and traffic.


This has become an extremely important factor as of late because Google is trying to offer the best and most accurate search results possible. Part of Google creating a quality product means providing the right information when people are searching and having relevant information on your page increases it’s value. You can have amazingly well written content that is very engaging but if it is not relevant then Google will not show it in the top rankings.

For more information on ways to rank your website or if you are looking to hire an SEO Professional then contact us at Simple SEO.